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Student savings plan vs dollar jar

"I like the idea of student savings but don't actually have any."

Yes, a bowlful of gold coins warms the heart and triggers McDuck-inspired bathing fantasties, but unless you're a vending-machine operator it's not likely to build up to a laptop, stereo, or other "big ticket" item (like plane tickets). This is where a student savings plan – or Goal Oriented Savings – can help.

Step one: Decide on a goal.

Tedious, irksome penny-pinching is so much flirtier if there's something shiny and new to drool over. Choose something attainable and sit tight.

Step two: Can you afford to put a set amount into your student account each week or month?

This is the fastest, surest way to GROW YOUR PILE. It's nice to commit to a minimum regular deposit up front, as otherwise you're liable to lose the initial enthusiasm, as with a gym membership or long-distance romance. Many student savings accounts reward regular contribution — plus you can project your future wealth (check out our savings goal calculator) to visualise your pile-growing.

Step three: Find the right student account type.

These days, there are lots of conditions on high interest student accounts:

  • Do you need access to your cash?
  • Can you meet minimum balance or minimum deposit requirements?
  • Is a bonus rate in your best interest?
  • Should you in fact be looking for a student term deposit?

Check out the different type of student savings account, and find your perfect match.

Step four: Find the best interest rate!

Easier than it sounds: Search the student savings account in mere minutes.

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