Australia may be inundated with New Zealand students

Australia has always been accommodating to foreign students – and it could be set to receive a fresh batch of academics.

The New Zealand government has proposed radical changes to the student loan repayment framework, which has angered a lot of people.

Under the new reforms, university attendees would be forced to pay back their loans far quicker than at present, leaving many people in the financial mire.

Labour's tertiary education spokesperson Grant Robertson said the alterations will result in more New Zealanders heading to Australia to study.

"Graduates are also parents, looking to buy homes and/or start families. This will act as a disincentive for them to stay in New Zealand," he remarked.

Regardless of your nationality, it is vital that as soon as you confirm a place on a course you assess your student banking options. There are plenty of bank accounts available and it is crucial that you find one that suits your needs.

Overdraft limits, charges and online banking provisions are all vital things to consider when opening an account.

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