Finance worries cause rural students to defer uni places

Financial hurdles continue to make it difficult for most rural students to gain the qualifications they want, a higher education specialist has said.

South West Local Learning and Employment Network chief executive Toni Jenkins argued that the federal government needs to be doing more to help rural students achieve the same university retention rates seen among their city counterparts.

Speaking to the Warrnambool Standard, she said: " There are plenty of students who say 'yes, I'm going to uni and I'm going to do such-and-such a course' but then they get to year 12 and most of the time they have to defer to cover costs."

Young Australian's struggling to meet university costs can choose to compare student banking in search of better options. Ms Jenkins' comments come after figures from the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations revealed that only 0.7 per cent of regional students nationwide who gave their first course preference to a city university went on to study at a rural campus after having their preferred application turned down.

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