Government to bring back compulsory uni amenities fees

The federal government has introduced legislation aimed at bringing back compulsory student amenities fees at Australian universities.

Announcing the bill, Chris Evans, the tertiary education minister, said it was necessary for restoring various depleted university services in areas like sport, health and counselling, the Australian reported.

The legislation would see students charged a fee of up to $250 a year for the provision of such services.

Mr Evans noted that the bill would overturn the Howard government's voluntary student unionism legislation which had abolished services and amenities fees.

"Under the arrangements left by the Coalition government, close to $170 million has been ripped out of university funding. This has led to the decline, and in some instances, the complete closure, of vital student services," he said.

If amenities fees are reintroduced, more pressure might be placed on young Aussies looking to compare student banking and reduce their debts. According to the Australian, Mr Evans said the Higher Education Legislation Amendment, which was defeated in August last year in the Senate, had now been changed to allow the $250 fee to be paid over time.

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