New book to highlight finance problems of foreign students

A new book has been produced to highlight the finance and security concerns of foreign students living in Australia.

The book, entitled International Student Security, aims to show that foreign students are among Australia’s most vulnerable residents, ABC Radio Australia reported.

"Some have become victims of robberies and assaults because they’re seen as easy targets," noted the broadcaster. "Others are exploited for cheap labour because laws only permit them to work twenty hours a week, forcing many to earn under-the-table wages."

Co-author Simon Marginson, a professor at the University of Melbourne, told the station that as well as covering personal safety, the book looks at the availability of student finance, issues related to dealing with immigration and university authorities and inter-cultural experiences.

It was also suggested that government regulators had been reluctant to promote the book’s research given its potential to undermine the multi-billion dollar international student industry.

Such news may interest people looking to compare student finances in search of the best support. Last week, the All International Student Association spoke out against the Rudd government’s decision to make substantial cuts to its migrant priority skills list.

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