Pros and cons of finding a job while a student

Aussies in need of student banking products this year may be thinking about finding employment while they are at university, but is this a good solution to cash-flow problems?

The obvious benefit of getting a job while studying is that it could bolster student finances and take some of the pressure off in terms of paying the bills and purchasing vital equipment and books.

Youngsters may also find that having held down a job already puts them in a strong position when they eventually enter the employment market full-time.

However, those who decide to do this should be wary of putting too much focus on their short-term job and not putting the required time into their university courses.

Aussies working while studying may also find it harder to get to all their classes and might miss out on the social side of being a student.

For those who opt to avoid getting a job, taking simple steps such as drawing up a budget and sticking to it and getting a student bank account with a large overdraft may help them manage their financial situation with greater ease.

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