Putting lectures online 'could help cash-strapped students'

Having lectures uploaded to the internet could prove beneficial for people studying for degrees who are finding it difficult to manage their student finances, it has been suggested.

Monash University Student Association president Imogen Sturni noted that there are a number of reasons why some of those who are supposed to attend classes cannot turn up, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.

She told the publication that some students have to find jobs to pay their rent and bills.

Ms Sturni said this circumstance is occurring "more and more" at the university, but that putting lectures online for people to watch in their own time could make studying easier for these people.

However, the idea has met with resistance from some lecturers, who are reportedly concerned that recording the classes will put them at risk of defamation lawsuits or that students will appropriate comments or errors and post them on social networking sites for their own amusement.

The government is currently trying to encourage more people to go into higher education with the aim of having 40 per cent of those between 25 and 34 years of age holding bachelor degrees by 2025.

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