University education should be for everyone

Bright youngsters from less well off backgrounds may be prevented from going to university if recent proposals are followed through.

There have been calls for higher and less regulated fees to be issued to people who want to enter higher education.

This is particularly bad news for academics from poor families and many high school pupils could be priced out of a place at university.

As things stand, people's student bank accounts are already stretched to the limit, as academics must juggle their studies with the high cost of living in Australia.

University of Western Sydney chancellor Peter Shergold believes measures should be taken to ensure that nobody is excluded from higher education.

He told the Australian that society generally benefits in the long run if more people are able to better themselves by studying towards a degree.

"The dollars invested in the success of a low socio-economic status student provide a higher rate of both public and private return than an investment in their more advantaged colleagues," he remarked.

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