'$93-a-day childcare centre' to open in Sydney suburb

A "six-star" childcare facility costing up to $93-a-day is due to open in the Sydney suburb of Strathfield next month, it has been revealed.

According to a recent report by the Sunday Telegraph, the centre, which will be opened by Building Blocks Early Learning Centres in November, is being billed as "the BMW of child care".

The 90-place day-care centre, which will be the most expensive in the area, will boast an on-site chef, handmade $1,800 cots and fingerprint security systems, the newspaper said.

Commenting on the facility, Building Blocks director Peter Raue said: "We understand that not everyone can afford to come to the centre, and we respect that.

"It is like anything: if people are happy to drive a Ford they can but we give them the option of driving a BMW. We offer that choice."

Australians aiming to make their money go further can choose to compare term deposits in search of the best returns. Australian Childcare Alliance vice-president Lyn Connolly told the Sunday Telegraph that affordability concerns are only getting worse, with many Strathfield parents saving more than $40 a day by sending their children to centres in neighbouring suburbs.

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