AFA calls for marriage 'cash bonus'

Australian couples who get and stay married should receive a special bonus, a lobby group representative has said.

Mary-Louise Fowler, vice-president of the Australian Family Association (AFA), suggested that cash incentives could help to promote marriage.

"One innovative idea is the idea of a marriage bonus – if you become married and you remain married for five, ten, 15, 25 years," she told the AAP.

"I believe we need to reward people who stayed married because of the benefits for society at large."

New monetary rewards would be a spur for some couples to compare term deposits in search of the best long-term returns. Ms Fowler's comments come as the AFA together with the National Marriage Coalition lobby for August 13th to be officially designated National Marriage Day.

She argued that a national day is needed to recognise the effort that it takes to stay married and form a family.

However, she added that the groups do not support gay marriage and are working hard to defend the current definition under the Marriage Amendment Act 2004.

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