Term deposits are preferred over managed investments, report shows

Term deposits are still proving to be a popular choice for investors all over the country, a new report has suggested.

Tria Investment Partners' latest study, entitled Wall of Money, has shown that despite the country "well and truly" recovering from the global financial crisis, investors are still bullish about bank term deposits, Money Management reported.

According to the research, around $70 million has been invested in term deposits since the end of the economic downturn.

Andrew Baker, a partner at Tria, told the news provider: "This is cash that might otherwise have been invested in traditional yield investments such as mortgage trusts, income funds and the like."

However, the expert has queried how long the trend, which he referred to as the "wall of money phenomenon", will continue.

"The question is, will the wall crack and release cash back to the managed investments industry, and if so, when might this occur?" he added.

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