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Possibly even more confusing than a bunch of money numbers are the words that purport to explain them.

So if you've been charged an inexplicable fee, or have all manner of terms and clauses in a banking contract, let Mozo bust your jargon jam.

Neat links

Helpful as we are, you might want to check out some other sites around the place that can help with money matters.

  • Currency converter

    This online currency converter has the latest worldwide currency rates and lets you perform currency conversions in a flash.

    XE Universal Currency Converter

  • Credit report

    Get a free copy of your credit report at MyCreditFile and check your credit rating, which is used by lenders to assess your application for loans, credit cards, phone accounts and more.

    Check out MyCreditFile

  • First home owner grant

    The Government's first home owner scheme provides a one off grant of up to $21,000 to eligible first home owners. You can find all the details and even apply online.

    First home owner grant

  • Lost super

    Looking for lost super? The ATO's free online SuperSeeker service looks for your lost super in real time and finds possible matches. You can also do a more extensive lost super search over the phone.


  • Consolidate super

    If you want to consolidate your super by transferring it from one fund to another, here's a link to the ATO's superannuation portability form which you can download online.

    Super portability form

  • Unclaimed money

    ASIC's free online unclaimed money search tool will help you find money left in old bank accounts, company shares or life policies that you might have forgotten about or didn't even know you had.

    Unclaimed money search

  • Financial Ombudsman

    If you need to make an official complaint against a banking, insurance or investment provider, the Financial Ombudsman is a free and independent dispute resolution service.

    Check out the Financial Ombudsman

  • Switching Bank Accounts

    The Government has introduced new measures to make it easier for you to switch banks if you are not satisfied with your current one.

    Get switching help

  • First home saver account calculator

    If you're saving for your first home, FIDO's new home saver account calculator and checklist can help you decide if this type of account is for you.

    Get first home saving help


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