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Free online financial calculators cover all areas of finance from home loans, credit cards and managing debt, savings through to general budgeting and tax.

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  • Take control of your finances with our easy calculators

    Mozo has a range of calculators to make planning your finances easy. Whether you're planning your personal or household budget, or researching your very first home loan, Mozo's calculators can help you work out what you can afford and then find the best provider for any finance services you may need.

    The credit card calculator is particularly useful. The credit card debt repayment calculator will take into account all the great features and deals that come with each particular card, from the introductory rates to the annual fees. You can feel more confident with whichever credit card deal you choose.

    We also have calculators for working out loans for cars, homes, or personal loans. With our calculators, you can easily see how long it will take to pay back your loans and what size your repayments need to be.

    Whatever finances you're trying to get a handle on, our online calculators will help.