Adventurous Aussies are heading further off the beaten track.

Brave Aussie tourists are increasingly heading off the beaten path as their travelling confidence grows and the strong dollar leverages their travel money further.

8.2 million Australians made an international trip last year, an increase of 5% on the previous year. New Zealand, Indonesia and the U.S.A. still top the list of Australia's most popular travel destinations but more exotic locations are starting to grow in popularity. Japan is Australia's fastest growing travel love affair, while Nepal is following closely behind with an increase of 27%, according to The Australian Bureau of Statistics.

With the Australian Dollar increasing by 15.2 percent against the Yen over the last year, it's obvious why resilient Aussie travellers are returning back to Japan, post earthquake. And with a continuos drop in retail prices, travellers can expect their dollar to go much further in Japan than it would at home, according to the International Business Traveller.

"Even before you exchange your Aussie dollars on the ground, there are other ways you can ensure you get the best value all-round holiday with great deals on things such as flights and accommodation," said Amee Evans Expedia Travel Expert.

While the Australian dollar is experiencing a current high, travellers should not lose out on the opportunity to get top dollar for their travel spend by paying unnecessary fees or extortionate rates when exchanging their money. Travellers should compare travel money options such as debit cards and credit cards before leaving home, to have peace of mind that they are getting the best rates and will have easy access to their funds while overseas.

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