Angry Birds theme park could appeal to Aussie travellers

Aussies continue to flock to Europe in order to take in the vast culture that the continent has to offer.

While the UK, France, Italy and Spain are perhaps the most popular destinations among Australians, countries in Scandinavia are also fantastic – if a little expensive – places to go.

Although the high cost of living means your overseas travel money will not stretch as far in Finland, the sheer beauty of the nation makes it well worth a visit.

The destination may become even more appealing to Aussies in the very near future, as a unique theme park is set to open in April.

Angry Birds Land will be based at the Sarkanniemi Adventure Park in Tampere and it is expected to be hugely popular, the Daily Mail reports.

It is based on the extremely addictive Angry Birds smartphone application, which is played by millions of people all around the world and will feature white knuckle rides that have been designed to look and feel like the game.

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