ATM machines 'are the biggest holiday rip-off'

Charges issued by banks for using ATM machines in foreign countries are seen as the biggest rip-off among tourists.

A new study conducted by Skyscanner found that 19 per cent of holidaymakers think the cost of withdrawing money abroad is scandalous.

Some banks charge as much as three per cent of the withdrawal amount and this can really add up if people are using cash points on a regular basis.

This beat organised tourist trips (17 per cent), hotel Wi-Fi (13 per cent) and taxi fares (nine per cent) in the rip-off stakes.

A lot of people are scared to take huge piles of cash in their wallets and purses when they venture overseas for fear that it could get lost or stolen, so how can these excessive ATM fees be avoided?

Travel credit cards are proving to be a real godsend for holidaymakers, as they enable users to load all of their cash on to a piece of plastic that can be cancelled if it suddenly goes missing.

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