Aussie tourism chiefs target lucrative Chinese market

Aussies are heading abroad in record numbers as the strong dollar means people from down under are getting the best exchange rates seen for years.

The only downside to this enhanced demand for foreign travel is that tourism hotspots in Australia are likely to struggle.

Australia has been a popular holiday destination for years, but people are now worried that their overseas travel money will not stretch as far while the dollar is so high.

However, tourism chiefs in the country believe that Chinese travellers in particular can help boost the coffers of businesses in places like the Gold Coast and Sydney.

Managing director of Tourism Australia Andrew McEvoy said the plan is to increase overnight tourist expenditure to $140 billion by 2020 – which is double the current figure.

With China having one of the largest and most prosperous economies on the planet, it makes sense to entice people from the Asian country, as their spending power will be greater than tourists from other parts of the world.