Aussies are warming to travel money cards

Aussie holidaymakers and business travellers are finding it easier not to carry cash when they venture abroad.

The Aussie dollar is still riding high at the moment and as of today (March 22nd) is worth in the region of 65p against British sterling and US$1.03 when compared to the US version of the dollar – therefore it is a great time to head overseas.

According to business travel expert and editor of the Australian Business Traveller David Flynn, Aussies currently have plenty of financial muscle when visiting foreign lands.

Writing in the Sydney Morning Herald, he suggested that a growing number of people are embracing prepaid travel money cards, which allow Aussies to add a specific amount of cash to plastic – making them a great option for those who have a set budget.

Not only does this provide peace of mind should your wallet be lost or stolen, the cards also protect travellers against fluctuations in the Aussie dollar. Money is added to the plastic at a fixed rate and this will not change once you head abroad.

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