Aussies continue to visit Germany in their droves

Germany is perhaps not the first place on people's itineraries when they embark on a tour around Europe.

This is probably because of the less than favourable climate and the fact that destinations such as Spain, France, Portugal, Italy and Greece offer sublime beaches that just don't exist in Bavaria.

However, Germany does have a rich cultural history and there are plenty of ways to spend your travel money in the country.

Berlin is an intriguing place to go any time of the year and the world famous Oktoberfest in Munich is heaven for anyone who has a penchant for beer and sausages.

According to the German National Tourist Board, more than 630,000 Aussies visited Germany in 2011, which was a rise of three per cent on the previous year.

Such is the growing appeal of the nation, leaders of the tourism authority believe that up to 850,000 people from down under will visit Germany on an annual basis by 2020.

Now might be the ideal time to go, as the best exchange rates ever seen between the dollar and the euro are currently available to Aussies.