Aussies may be in line for another public holiday

More Aussies are embarking on trips abroad than ever before and public holidays are a great time to book a foreign tour.

Although it can be a little bit more expensive to take a break that coincides with a bank holiday, it is convenient for workers who only get so much annual leave. And besides, the strong Aussie dollar means you will ultimately save cash if you search for the best exchange rates.

Aussies could soon benefit from an extra public holiday, after the mayor of a town in Queensland called for an event to be celebrated nationwide.

The Australian Associated Press reports that mayor of Winton Ed Warren wants to see the anniversary of Waltzing Matilda's first performance turned into a national holiday.

He believes it is important to recognise Australia's unofficial anthem and Winton already holds a Waltzing Matilda Day on April 6th.

"It's really capturing the true spirit of the Australian character. The true meaning of it is a fair go for all," Mr Warren remarked.