Aussies should head to Croatia during a European tour

Aussies have always loved heading off to explore Europe and many people spend up to a year travelling around different parts of the continent.

Places like the UK, France and Italy have traditionally proven popular among tourists, but there are plenty of other options.

One country that is increasingly appealing is Croatia, which has some of the most stunning beaches you will ever see and the climate is also very favourable in the summer months.

Although it has had a troubled past, the nation is full of cultural pursuits and according to editor in chief of Cruise Critic Carolyn Spencer Brown, it is well worth heading to places like Split, Zagreb and Dubrovnik.

"Croatia's been an increasingly popular destination for a good decade now. Its port cities are absolutely ideal first off. They've got everything," she remarked.

Another bonus of taking a trip to Croatia is the favourable exchange rates, as the strength of the Aussie dollar means your prepaid travel cards will stretch far further. At the moment, one dollar will get you 5.92 Croatian Kuna.

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