Aussies urged to "Visit Japan" in new campaign


Friday 25 November 2011

Tourism chiefs in Japan are hoping that more Aussies will be looking for the best exchange rates between the Dollar and Yen in the near future.

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The Japan Tourism Agency and Japan National Tourism Organisation have launched a new promotional campaign aimed at enticing more Australians to head to the Asian country on holiday.

So far, the groups have placed advertisements in the Australian newspaper in an attempt to drum up interest in the Far East and a number of other high profile media channels will be involved in the PR drive.

Overall, the Japanese tourism sector has suffered in 2011 because of the damage caused by the earthquake and resultant tsunami earlier this year and travel chiefs are hopeful the Visit Japan campaign can rectify the situation.

"Japan Tourism was damaged critically. Australian tourist numbers in Japan were down 47 per cent in March compared with the same time the year before," managing director of Doq – one of the firms behind the initiative – Yoshinori Sakuno was reported by Ad News as saying.

A new study by Mozo has shown that Aussies are getting stung by excessive fees when exchanging currency.

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