Australia's new favourite travel destination

The current high for Aussie travel money overseas is seeing a shuffle of Australia's favourite holiday destinations.

The number of Aussies travelling to the USA has shot up 18 percent over the previous year, compared to an increase of just 3 percent of visits to Bali, the previous number 1 destination. This means the US is now Australia's new favourite travel hot spot. However, the nation's new love for the US may be a short affair, with South Pacific cruises sky rocketing a massive 165 percent in popularity over 2012, according to research by travel insurance provider Cover-More.

"Based on feedback from our partners, it appears Australians are travelling overseas more than ever, buoyed by an enduringly strong Aussie dollar, the competitiveness of international fares and a thirst to discover new destinations," said Cover-More Strategy and Marketing Manager Zac Brookes.

Thailand remains one of Australia's favourite destinations, up 5 percent since 2011. And not surprisingly, Japan is experiencing a major growth after the devastation of it's tsunami with 25 percent growth, amazing ski fields and the Aussie dollars strength against the Yen making it impossible to resist.

The usually popular Fiji and Vanuatu were both down by 10 percent and 25 percent compared to 2011, possibly due the wild weather experienced by the islands over the last year.

According to Cover-More data, the top 10 international travel destinations for Australians in 2012 were

1. United States of America

2. Bali, Indonesia

3. Thailand

4. England

5. New Zealand.

6. Fiji

7. Cruising the south pacific

8. Italy

9. France

10. Vietnam

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