Australian airports are getting busier

The high Australian dollar has encouraged more people from down under to venture abroad, as their cash is stretching much further.

Whereas in previous years Aussies were stung when trying to find the best exchange rates between the dollar and currencies in Europe and the US, the tables have turned in recent times.

A new study put together by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has indicated that airports across the country have reflected this increased demand for foreign holidays.

According to its latest annual monitoring report on airports in Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane, passenger numbers grew in 2010-11, with Sydney proving to be the busiest overall.

It seems these facilities have been taking advantage of the extra traffic, as ACCC chiefs revealed their profits have risen at a faster rate than operating costs, which suggests that holidaymakers are keen to part with some of their overseas travel money before they have even left the country.

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