Be careful when reading holiday reviews

Aussies who are uncertain about which destinations they will be buying overseas travel money for have been urged to take holiday reviews with a pinch of salt.

While many people will opt for resorts that offer the best exchange rates and value for money, plenty of travellers rely on reports written by other holidaymakers before making their decision.

Editor of Sharron Livingston said that while some reviews can offer a good insight into a place, they are not always accurate.

Indeed, she noted that some people have an agenda when penning a recommendation or account of their trip, so it is best to keep an open mind and take several reviews into account, rather than just one.

"One bad review where there are a handful of good ones does not mean that place should be avoided – and vice versa," she remarked.

Her comments come after TripAdvisor was forced to rewrite some of its reviews after receiving complaints from UK hotels, which claimed that some of the site's recommendations were untrustworthy.