Be smart when visiting North America

Although many Aussies love it when summer comes around again, some people like to swap the sunshine and warm temperatures for the ski slopes of North America.

The US and Canada both have some of the finest skiing destinations on the planet and the snow-covered pistes are particularly romantic around Christmas time.

According to Diane Palumbo from SkiWorld, North America is an "utterly amazing" place to visit during the winter months.

"If you are an experienced skier, the things that you appreciate, namely the most incredible snow and the sheer quantity of snow that falls in Canada and North America is a big pull along with the emptiness of the slopes compared to Europe," she remarked.

Regardless of whether you choose to take your skis and snowboards to North America or Europe, it is important that you get your finances in order before you leave the warmth of Australia.

The Aussie dollar is still relatively strong and this means tourists are getting some of the best exchange rates ever seen.

One of the biggest downsides of living in Australia is its isolation from many of the world's main travel hotspots, which means many people from down under try to see more than one country during their trip to make the huge travelling distances worthwhile.

This inevitably throws up one of two problems.

For example, people planning to visit Canada and the US during the same tour may be unsure about the currency situation.

Both nations use the dollar, but a lot of establishments in the US are not willing to accept Canadian tender and vice-versa.

The Canadian dollar has also appreciated in recent months and is now worth more than the US equivalent.

Indeed, one Canadian dollar will currently get you US$1.003, while one Aussie dollar is worth US$1.03.


One way to remove any uncertainty is to take out a multi-currency prepaid travel card, as this allows people to add numerous types of money on to one single piece of plastic, which means you can give the rip-off exchange bureaus a wide berth when you travel between different countries.

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