Beware of rip-off Wi-Fi charges issued by hotels

Whether you are a corporate traveller or a holidaymaker, it is always good to have Wi-Fi access available to you in your hotel when overseas.

Businesspeople often need the internet to access important company information, while many leisure travellers can only resist the urge to check their Facebook account for so long.

However, Aussies may need to assess the provisions offered by establishments before they book their stay, or they may find their prepaid travel cards taking a serious hit.

New research conducted by Telegraph Travel has shown that around two-thirds of hotels on a global scale are still charging their guests to connect to the internet.

While many may have come to expect this, it seems that a lot of tourists will be taken aback by the amount they are asked to pay in order to access their accommodation's Wi-Fi network.

In some cases, hotels are charging up to $29 an hour to access the internet, which can leave a hole in many people's overseas travel money.

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