Britons 'cannot get enough of Australia'

It seems that Britons simply cannot get enough of Australia and a huge proportion of UK residents who travel down under are repeat visitors.

New figures released by Tourism Australia have indicated that 50 per cent of holidaymakers from Britain have been to Australia before.

Regional general manager for the organisation's UK & Northern Europe division Rodney Harrex said that tourist hotspots like Sydney Harbour and the Great Barrier Reef are clearly proving popular.

"These figures show that when Brits get to Australia they're not disappointed," he remarked.

Of course, many Aussies head in the opposite direction each year to absorb the culture in places like London.

With the cost of living and wages being generally higher down under and the value of the dollar remaining high, it can be argued that Australian travellers are getting a better deal than their British counterparts.

When buying overseas travel money, Aussies are currently receiving 63p for their dollar – a rate of exchange that tourists could only have dreamed of in past generations.