Cheap fares and high dollar make UK trips more affordable

Aussies who have always wanted to see parts of the United Kingdom have a great opportunity to go there in 2012.

According to managing director of Flight Centre Limited Graham Turner, the high Aussie dollar and low-cost airfares mean people from down under have never had a better chance to head to Britain, the Ballina Shire Advocate reports.

Because of the best exchange rates seen for many a year, Aussies will be able to spend more on their prepaid travel cards when they eventually get to their destination.

Mr Turner stated that while inflation and wages have gone up considerably in the past few decades, the price of air services between Australia and the UK have remained broadly the same.

"Airfares are now significantly more affordable for the average worker and the strong dollar is putting more pounds into Australian travellers' pockets than it has since the early 80s," he was quoted as saying.

Last week, the Australian Associated Press reported that the dollar was at its strongest against sterling for 27 years.