Cheapest holiday destinations revealed

Aussies are planning to head abroad in record numbers this year, but which holiday destinations are the most cost effective?

The Australian dollar has risen in value in the past few years, although it is stronger against certain currencies than others.

Bosses at travel credit card provider OzForex have suggested that countries in the eurozone are offering the best value at the moment.

The firm revealed that the dollar has gained 43 per cent on the euro since 2009, meaning people down under are getting the some of the best exchange rates ever seen.

With 17 members in the single currency, Aussies have plenty of options. Spain, France and Italy all use the euro and are all fantastic places to visit in their own right.

OzForex also found that the dollar has grown by 42 per cent compared to the US equivalent and has also strengthened by 33 per cent against the British pound.

Clearly, Aussies who fancy an overseas trip this year are spoilt for choice.