China becoming more popular among Aussie travellers

Aussies are starting to look towards different places when booking a holiday overseas.

Traditionally, New Zealand and the UK have been the most popular destinations among Australians but this appears to be changing.

Figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics have shown that more people from down under headed to China and India compared with the UK in February 2012.

Of course, the differing climates may have had an impact on this, as many Aussie holidaymakers find it difficult to handle the cold English winters.

However, Aussies now have far more scope to book a trip to China than in previous decades, as there are around 900,000 seats being made available on air services between the two countries each year.

The strong dollar means Aussies are getting the best exchange rates when heading to places like Beijing or Shanghai, with one dollar getting you slightly less than 6.5 Chinese yuan in return.