Consider the Seychelles for your next overseas break

Paradise-like islands have always gone down well with Australian holidaymakers, which is probably why Bali and Hawaii have been long-term favourites among travellers.

There are other options available though, with the Seychelles being a brilliant example.

According to BBC World News presenter and Australian national Aaron Heslehurst, this particular part of the Indian Ocean is absolutely perfect for people who are looking for a relaxing break in a hot climate.

He said the Seychelles are one of his top three destinations in the world and he labelled the area as a "tropical melting pot".

"The atmosphere, the clarity of the water, the beautiful mountains, the greenery and lush, tropical sense of it all is lovely," he remarked.

Aussies will also find some of the best exchange rates when they venture to the Seychelles, as one dollar will get you more than 14 Seychellois Rupees, which means you will not only have a sun-kissed and relaxing holiday, but an affordable one too.

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