Doha to Dubai - The new trend in Aussie tourism

Recent figures from the Department of Immigration show that the amount of Aussie travellers choosing to spend their travel money in the Middle East have almost tripled.

And according to The Australian, stopovers in the middle east for travellers heading to Europe have been increasing at almost 100,000 visitors a year. With Qantas recently ditching its old 'Kangaroo Route' via Singapore and teaming up with Emirates, Dubai is tipped to become one of the hottest cities for Australians travellers in 2013.

According to Australian Federation of Travel Agents CEO Jayson Westbury, Australians could find some competitive pricing in flights coming their way, as airlines try to fill their seats. Qantas now joins prestigious carriers such as Emirates, Qatar and Virgin Australia, who stop over in the Middle East, and this could be an excellent opportunity for Aussies to venture beyond the airport to visit one of the worlds most surreal holiday destinations.

Dubai Tourism's Australian director Julie King said that most visitors spend an average 2.5 days in the United Arab Emirates and that Dubai will be continuing its efforts to become a holiday destination in it s own right.

Rather than paying the high fees at the airport foreign exchange teller, travellers bound for Dubai may find a better deal exchanging their Aussie Dollars to Dirham before they leave home or using a travel debit card to withdraw cash from Dubai's excellent ATM network. For travellers heading onto other destinations such as Europe a multi currency prepaid travel card could help save on foreign exchange fees and charges.

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