Electronic devices 'biggest cause of rifts on flights'

Airlines such as Qantas are increasingly keen to introduce technology that gets passengers spending more money on their travel credit cards during a flight.

The firm has rolled out new Wi-Fi services that enable people to connect to the internet from their own personal devices as they head overseas.

However, bringing in such offerings may actually be causing one or two problems during flights, it has been claimed.

Flight attendants at American Airlines reported 1,306 incidents to their union – the Association of Professional Flight Attendants – in 2011 relating to passengers who refused to turn off their electronic devices during flights, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Inappropriate use of gadgets has become the biggest cause of rifts on flights and although most cases do not escalate, some have proven to result in passengers being restrained or removed from flights before take-off.

"People have become so wedded to these devices and a lot of people really question whether they need to turn them off," Southwest Airlines flight attendant Thom McDaniel was reported as saying.

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