Expedia highlights best value for money destinations

Bosses at travel firm Expedia have highlighted the best destinations for people looking to book a value-for-money break.

According to the company, the best exchange rates can primarily be found in Asian locations, although there are a couple of options for Aussies who want to venture a bit further afield.

The Aussie dollar remains strong and Expedia chiefs believe that Phuket, Singapore, Fuji and Oahu are ideal places to visit if you want to see your overseas travel money  stretch further.

Bali was also highlighted as a cheap holiday hotspot that has everything that Aussie travellers will need. Indeed, the West Australian reported in December 2011 that 385,000 people from that part of the country visited Bali last year – which was a new record.

In addition to this, Expedia added that Las Vegas is also representing good value for money for Aussies at the moment and, of course, you will never struggle to find a casino or show to spend your money on in Sin City.

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