Flight Centre reports 'noticeable rise in demand for travel'

The demand for international travel among Australian holidaymakers grew sharply in January, bosses at Flight Centre have confirmed.

According to the company, the increased clamour for foreign trips has resulted in forecast annual profits being scaled up from $265 million to $275 million in 2012.

It is thought that Aussies are finding cheap flights to exotic destinations more appealing, while travellers from down under are also benefiting from some of the best exchange rates seen for years.

Indeed, countries in Europe and Asia have proven to be very good value for money in recent months, while the Aussie dollar is also stacking up well against the American equivalent.

The organisation stated that its net profit for the six months leading up to December 31st 2011 stood at $81.6 million, which was a rise of 15.7 per cent when compared with the corresponding period in 2010.

Managing director at Flight Centre Graham Turner said that despite the improvement, reaching the new profit target would "not be a formality".

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