Gen Y and Boomers lead globe trotting charge

Despite the recent fall in the Australian dollar over 23% of Australians have taken at least one trip overseas in the past 12 months according to Roy Morgan Research. And its Gen Y and Baby Boomers who are leading the charge. 27% of Gen Y and 26% of Boomers have taken international holidays in the past 12 months.

"Despite being less well off than their Baby Boomer parents, Generation Y is similarly keen on overseas holidays, often making sacrifices to realise their travel dreams," said Jane Ianniello, International Director of Tourism, Travel and Leisure, at Roy Morgan Research.

According to the research, the subset of Gen Y known as "New School Cool" seek out places where they can live it up at restaurants, shopping and nightclubs, while getting their culture fix at museums and galleries.

"Among their favourite destinations are USA, New Zealand, France, England and Thailand," said Ms Ianniello.

With the falling dollar, Australians planning overseas trips should get savvy about their travel money by comparing international credit card fees and also look into prepaid travel card options, which allow you to lock in your exchange rate before you travel so that you can budget easily for your trip.  Mozo has a comparison of major travel cards and exchange rates as well as tips for using your credit card overseas.