Holiday brochures 'could be gone within 5 years'

Traditionally, skimming through holiday brochures looking for places to spend your overseas travel money was a big part of the excitement of heading abroad.

Families would sit around the table and flick through the shiny books, gazing in amazement at the beautiful pictures of idyllic resorts.

Sadly, this procedure is dying out fast, as a growing number of Aussies are now booking their trips via the internet.

It is far more convenient – and often cheaper – for people to purchase their annual holiday and travel money online, as the web gives them more scope to compare prices.

According to distribution and online director at Tui Travel Nick Longman, holiday brochures could soon be made obsolete, as Google statistics indicated that the number of holidaymakers opting to book a vacation via their mobile phone has grown by 131 per cent year-on-year.

Speaking to Travel Weekly, he said: "There is going to be a point where we need to stop producing brochures and I think it will come within the next five years."

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