Holiday in Pyongyang anybody?

If globalisation is starting to put a dampner on your sense of adventure, then change your travel money to Wons and join a growing amount of travellers who are heading to one of the world's last isolated nations.

While any sensible traveller would avoid travelling to a country that is on the brink of war, segregated North Korea has a certain fascination to the global community, so much that it is actually seeing a spike in tourism by those so inquisitive they have to see for themselves, reports The Age.

British tour operator Regents claims to have experienced a 400 percent increase in demand for trips to North Korea and claims to send around 200 travellers a year to the nations capital Pyongyang.

Travellers to the DPRK will not likely find themselves surrounded by the usual scramble of tourists in money traps that  resemble anything but the true personality on their destination. But those heading to North Korea will still have to remain outside observers and won't have a free reign for exploration. Tourists are usually only allowed in highly controlled groups.

"They show you what they want to show you, confiscate your mobile phone and confine you to your hotel complexes," according to North Korea expert and Regent Tours pioneer Neil Taylor.

"But North Korea is one of the last remaining countries that is almost totally cut off. No one knows how long that is going to last," he said.

Despite Kim Jong-un's advice for foreign embassies to evacuate, travellers recently returning from Pyongyang say that there were no signs of unrest within the capital.

Even though North Korea may have a growing appeal to a few unique travellers, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade warns travellers should reconsider their need to travel to the country. Australia does not have a consulate in the DPRK which the departments SmartTraveller website claims could have an adverse affect on their already limited capacity to provide assistance to Australian citizens in North Korea.

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