Holidaying Aussies 'not covered by Australian law'

Prepaid travel card customers who are heading abroad for a holiday or on a business trip have been advised to remember that they are not covered by Australian law when overseas.

Bill Potts, director of Potts Lawyers, told the New Lawyer that youngsters are particularly liable to forget that they must abide by the laws of the countries they visit.

"There needs to be a lot more done to educate all travellers that the legal rights they enjoy under Australian law don't apply overseas. It's a simple message but oddly, quite a few travellers just don't seem to get it," he commented.

Aussies with travel credit cards were warned by Mr Potts that while they will be permitted access to their embassy and consulate, they cannot expect to be flown home for trial in Australia for transgressions while abroad.

Meg Koffel, a spokesperson for Intrepid Travel, recently asserted that many young Aussies will be flying out of the country for a holiday just before Christmas so they can celebrate New Year's Eve somewhere exotic, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.

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