How to save money when travelling abroad

Foreign holidays are extremely appealing at the moment thanks to the strength of the Australian dollar.

People are getting far more for their money when purchasing different currencies, but that doesn't mean we can go around frivolously splashing the cash.

Times are still hard for a lot of households down under and any savings that can be made when taking an overseas trip are more than welcome.

According to UK-based travel company Mercury Direct, there are plenty of things tourists can do to ensure their money stretches as far as possible.

The company's first tip is to give airport exchange bureaus a wide berth.

While it may be convenient to purchase overseas travel money from these booths, the chances of you receiving the best exchange rates are very slim.

"Avoid airport Bureau de Change's at all costs – literally. The exchange rates they offer are generally poor," a spokesperson for the organisation stated.

"As a viable alternative, many holidaymakers are now opting to take global credit cards, which offer cheaper transactions and are safer," they added.

Travel credit cards come in various forms and multicurrency options are particularly useful for frequent fliers.

These products enable users to load a number of different currencies on to their plastic, which eradicates the need to change your money when you reach each destination.

Another way to cut your costs when venturing abroad is to purchase an international sim card. Roaming charges can be extremely expensive and the last thing you want is to return from your holiday to a great big phone bill.

It is also worth organising your airport transfers in advance, as taxi rates can often be extortionate, especially in places where drivers prey on tourists who are unfamiliar with the area.

Depending on how many times you intend to travel each year, it could be wise to take out an annual insurance policy. While this will obviously cost more than a single trip package, it will ultimately prove cost-effective in the long run if you are going overseas on numerous occasions.