Mobile phones & travel money, overlooked travel costs

While many savvy travellers spend hours searching for the lowest airfares and least dodgy budget hotels, many overlook costs such as mobile roaming and travel money.

Of coarse cheap flights and accommodations are usually a travellers highest costs but there's not much point saving your cash on one aspect only to spend it unnecessary on something else.

According to WA Today to avoid horrific global roaming charges, consider using a travel SIM card in your mobile phone when you're abroad. And even here it could pay off for travellers to shop around.

Research by Woolworths shows prices for data usage in to U.S. can be between $1.50 to $3 per megabyte for some travel SIM cards. Woolworths has dropped its U.S. data usage rate  to 68c per a megabyte on its Global Roaming SIM. Travellers to the U.K. could also get a double deal bundle for $34 with 200MB of data, 400mins in calls and 600 texts.

Travellers should also consider the cost of their credit card when making purchases or withdrawing money overseas. A report by the Daily Telegraph found international ATM fees could be as much as $5 a withdrawal, with the bank then adding cross currency conversion fees, which average around 3 percent.

However, travellers have a number of options to keeping these costs to a minimum and it's a good idea to compare travel debit cards or travel credit cards beforehand to find out what fees and charges will apply.

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