More people are securing working visas down under

Not only is Australia a hugely attractive place to take a holiday, it is also proving to be extremely appealing to people who are looking for a more permanent stay.

According to new figures released by the Department for Immigration and Citizenship, applications for working holiday visas have risen sharply recently, the Daily Telegraph reports.

The organisation revealed a seven per cent increase in visa uptake in the 12-month period from the end of June 2011.

With foreigners spending huge amounts of overseas travel money during their stay, the sizeable demand for work placements is great news for businesses across Australia.

Immigration chiefs also confirmed that a large number of people are looking to extend their stay in the country beyond 12 months. In fact, the uptake of working visa extensions has grown by almost one-third in the past year.

Australia has established agreements with numerous countries, which aim to make it easier for non-Aussie nationals to find a job down under.

The Department for Immigration and Citizenship recently confirmed that talks between the Australian and Greek governments are ongoing, as the two nations hope to establish closer ties.

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