Older Aussies 'are turning their attention towards Asia'

Older Aussies who have spent years travelling around the country in motorhomes are finally plucking up the courage to venture further afield – and the relatively strong dollar is the main reason for this.

Although the currency has experienced something of a sticky patch in recent weeks, the dollar is still trading very well in certain parts of Asia.

Tourism consultant Tony Charters told the News Limited Network that over-50s are finding far better value when travelling to places like Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

At the moment, "grey nomads" spend $19 billion as they explore Australia in their motorhomes, but it seems that more of this money is now supporting foreign economies.

Mr Charters believes that Aussie tourism chiefs need to find a way to make domestic holidays more appealing to older members of society.

"In places like Cambodia, you can have three meals a day for less than $10 if you really put your mind to it and it's quite an appealing prospect for someone who's on a fixed income and the returns on their super are going down," he was quoted as saying.

Currently, Aussies can get 31.59 Thai baht for one dollar, or 3.13 Malaysian ringgit.

Alternatively, travellers can swap a single dollar for 4,157 Cambodian riel.

Many people will be keen to visit more than one of these Asian destinations during their trip.

In the past this meant changing your money every time you landed in a new country, but that is no longer a problem.

Multi-currency travel credit cards can be loaded with numerous types of money, which means you only need to carry one piece of plastic with you, rather than pocketfuls of riel, baht and ringgit.

Not only is this far safer, but it also means Aussies are more likely to receive the best exchange rates.

Relying on exchange bureaus in foreign countries is never a good idea and there are countless stories of people being ripped off because they don't understand the value of the local currency.

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