Older people are booking adventurous trips

Aussies seem to be far more adventurous when booking trips abroad these days and there are far more luxurious options available to them.

Rather than lazing on a beach in traditionally popular destinations such as Hawaii or Bali, people are looking to go further afield and spend their overseas travel money in places that they may never have considered before.

This is particularly true of the over-50s, who perhaps have more financial power than younger holidaymakers and so they are able to spend a little bit more on having a trip of a lifetime.

Sarah Woods – a freelance travel author and travel presenter on ITV1's Alan Titchmarsh Show in the UK – said there is "definitely a trend for over-50s to take more adventurous holidays".

She suggested that a lot of people are now looking to explore places like rural India, China, Panama and Nepal. With the cost of living in many of these places being so low, added to the current strength of the Aussie dollar, tourists from down under are getting the best exchange rates possible when visiting these exotic destinations.