Online holiday deal hunters spend up to 25% more than other travellers

Travellers who research their holiday online are likely to actually spend more while on their trip than those who do no online investigation, according to the latest Roy Morgan Holiday Tracking Survey.

Many Australians may spend countless hours online scouring for the best price on flights, hotels and deals for their holiday but the latest survey results show that online savvy travellers are still likely to spend up to 25 percent more on their trip. However, the cause of the higher spend may not necessarily be from the lack of finding a better deal.

"Although internet researchers may have above-average incomes, the increased daily expenditure by this group still suggests that online destination research is about far more than deals and discounts: it also provides holiday researchers with comprehensive information on how and where to spend their tourist dollars," said Jane Lanniello, International Director of Tourism, Travel & Leisure for Roy Morgan Research.

Those who researched their destination online were found to spend an average of $179 per person per a night, compared to the $144 spent by those who used travel agents, brochures and guidebooks. Holidaymakers who did no research at all, spent an average of just $116 dollars a night. Although many of those who did no research were visiting family or friends, where they stayed for free.

The survey also found that 25 percent of holiday makers now use the internet to help pick a destination, up 21 percent since 2001.

But it's not just domestic travellers who are likely to spend their money better by doing research online. Those heading on an overseas vacation could find a far better deal by comparing travel insurance and travel money online.

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