Plan ahead and be flexible when booking holidays

Aussies with travel credit cards have been urged to plan ahead and remain flexible when picking dates for their holidays.

Tourism experts at Ryerson University asserted that those with a fixed date on which they want to travel should try to book as early as possible to ensure they can travel when they want.

"The earlier you book, the better the chances of securing availability," they asserted.

However, Aussies who do not have a particular time to travel in mind may want to heed other advice from the experts, who recommended booking a trip one or two weeks before or after the peak holiday season.

Alternatively, they stated, those with prepaid travel cards who want to go for a break over Christmas should consider booking leave on Christmas Day or New Year's Day as planes and trains will be quieter.

Speaking to the Sydney Morning Herald, STA spokesperson Rueben Acciano asserted that people may be more inclined to travel over Christmas because technology such as Skype and FaceTime makes it easier to keep in close contact with loved ones at home.

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