Qantas-Emirates introduce weekend surcharge to travellers

Customers travelling with Qantas and Emirates will pay a $25 international travel surcharge for weekend departures from the 15 May 2014. 

The surcharge affects outbound travel from Australia on Friday and Saturday on routes across the joint network, excluding Singapore, Thailand and Kuala Lumpur.

However, flights to Thailand will still incur the new surcharge, as Qantas customers will pay for Saturday and Sunday flights, whilst Emirates customers will be charged for Friday and Saturday flights. Customers who booked before the 15 May 2014 won’t incur the Qantas-Emirate weekend surcharge.

A Qantas spokesman told, “this is centred on looking for revenue opportunities that reflect the seasonal nature of travel and ­extends through to additional services, like our recent announcement on the Perth-Auckland route, to take advantage of spikes in demand.’’

Qantas has also introduced a peak season travel surcharge, dubbed “Q Surcharge” for holiday periods where there is a high demand for travel. The Q Surcharge reaches up to $200 for flights from Australia to the Middle East, North Africa, UK and Europe.

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