Rio De Janeiro and Australia's Kimberly named amongst 2013's top travel destinations.

Yesterday the New York Times released their choice of the top 46 travel destinations for 2013 and the pickings will definitley have the adventerous planning to convert their strong Aussie dollars into multiple currencies of travel money.

If you thought you had been everywhere and seen everything when it comes to top tourist destinations, some of the picks on this list may leave you scouring Google Maps to pinpoint their exotic locations.

Pecs, Acca, Constantia and The Jeseniky were chosen as some of this years top travel destinations. Modern circumstances such as, the economic rise of Ghana and the end of the civil war in Nicaragua are opening up prime tourist destinations that were previously 'no go' regions.

One such place that may ring a bell is Australia's Kimberley region. The New York Times describes the area as once off limits to anyone without a yacht or the nerves to pilot a four wheel drive through the rocky river beds. Now luxury lodges have opened up the region to travellers willing to pay big bucks for land-based access to some spectacular spots.

The number one spot to travel to in 2013 may not be new to the lists of the well travelled but with an upcoming World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics, all eyes will be on Rio De Janeiro in 2013. From it's hedonistic carnivals, shopping obsessions (soon to host South America's first Apple store) to the the opening of the new Rio Museum of Art, the city will surely be luring a vast number of travellers in 2013 and is not likely to disappoint.

With so many new travel destinations on the map, Australians will surely be encountering a number of previously unheard of currencies. Travellers could save themselves a large currency conversion hassle as well as a big savings on fees and charges by pre purchasing their travel money before setting off overseas.

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