Save money by mastering the art of haggling

Haggling has never really been a part of Australian culture and this is clear to see when people from down under venture abroad.

Many may find it hard to admit, but we just don't cut it when it comes to negotiating prices with hard nosed traders.

This is a real shame, as Aussies can save great chunks of their overseas travel money if they had a little bit more confidence in bargaining situations.

Bartering is a way of life for people in certain countries and travellers heading to destinations in Egypt, Morocco, Turkey, India and even China will be expected to challenge merchants over the price of their goods.

One key thing to remember is that you have the power to walk away, so stick to your guns but remain polite at all times.

Products in many stores will be marked up considerably because traders realise that people will very rarely pay the original asking price, so it is your job to negotiate a deal with them.

Managing to secure a bargain or two can be extremely exhilarating too.